All Houston Elite Cheer coaches are very knowledgeable, enthusiac and love working with kids of all ages.  Each coach sets their own private lesson schedule, so if you are interested in private lessons, call/TEXT the coach directly or call the HEC (713) 464-1445 to see which coach best suits your needs since some coaches specialize in certain areas of cheerleading, gymnastics and tumbling.  If you want to train with the best, Houston Elite Cheer is THE place to be. 

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Dana Biggers, Owner & CEO/Private Lesson Specialist

Dana Biggers is the owner and CEO of Houston Elite Cheer. Dana has been involved in gymnastics and cheerleading her entire life. In her early childhood, she was a competitive gymnast under the direction of Gary Daw at Universal Gymnastics and competed as a level 8 optional gymnast. She then switched over to cheerleading in 6th grade and fell in love with the sport. She cheered at Trinity Episcopal, Central MS and Ball High School in her hometown, Galveston. She was a NCA All-American and UCA All-Star cheerleader throughout these years.  For college, she attended Sam Houston State where she cheered, competed and then transferred to the University of Houston and was awarded NCA All-American at the collegiate level. Dana cheered on the very first NATIONAL CHAMPION winning team at U of H in 2001 under the direction of Sean Garland. As captain her senior year, she led her team to victory and earned her first NCA National Champion collegiate title. She graduated with a degree in Political Science and Spanish. Dana has been coaching gymnastics and cheerleading for over 21 years. Dana produces incredible "game day" cheerleaders and loves to help prepare athletes for their school cheer tryouts but books up extremely fast. For the last 8 years, an average of 97% of the "Dana Girls" that trained with her on a weekly basis made the squad at their school/college. She is extremely talented in all aspects of cheerleading and tumbling. So if you are interested in junior high, high school or college cheerleading, she is THE one you need to see.  

Fun fact: Dana is fluent in Spanish and has also attended law school. She is scared of clowns. Dana is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and has a son named Parker and a daughter named RyLee.

Contact: (832) 725-3838


Mitchel Schlichting, Senior Tumbling Coach

Mitchel "Mitch" Schlichting  has been part of HEC since the doors opened! He also been in the cheerleading arena for six years and has been coaching for 8 years.  He started his cheer career on a Level 4 competitive team at The Pride of Texas and cheered there for three years.  After graduating from Bellaire High School, he coached tumbling classes, competitive and recreational cheer teams and taught private lessons to athletes 5-18 years of age.  Mitch also competed on Texas Lonestar Cheer Company's Level 6 team.  In 2013, he competed with Champion Cheer as a Level 6 athlete in Dallas.  Mitch competed at Worlds in 2013, and his team was awarded 4th place. He also competed at NCA in 2013 and 2015 as a Level 6 athlete. Mitch returned to Texas Cheer and competed again with Lvl 5 Redi. Mitch also cheered at the University of Houston co-ed squad for two years. GO COOGS!!!  He is a great coach and loves teaching kids of all ages how to tumble/stunt.

#StayDown #DSD1

Fun fact: Mitchel is also a Realtor in the Houston area and has a son named Braxton.

Contact: (832) 524-1133


Lakeyn Johnson, Senior Tumbling/Cheer Coach

Lakeyn Johnson has been cheering for 15 years. Doing both competitive cheer and school cheer, Lakeyn first started her cheering career at Westside Cheer Academy at 8 years old where she won two jump competitions. She then went on to cheer at Cheer Nation (now Prodigy) on a level 5 team and competed at NCA for three years. Lakeyn also cheered at Morton Ranch High School on the varsity cheer team where she served as cheer captain for two years, winning the UCA summer camp jump competition for three years in a row, as well as being recognized as an All American cheerleader for UCA for three consecutive years. Lakeyn enjoyed cheering and perfecting many different elite skills throughout her cheer career. After High School Lakeyn first attended Louisiana State University and then transferred to the University of Houston where she received a degree in Nutrition. She loves kids and is now dedicated to teaching kids her same passion for cheerleading. She enjoys watching kids learn, grow and wants them to enjoy the sport just as much as she does. Lakeyn loves doing choreography and working with school teams. 

Fun fact: Lakeyn loves LSU football Geaux Tigers! 

Contact: 281-899-9726


Helena Weathersby, Cheer/Senior Tumbling Coach

Helena has been cheering and tumbling for 19 years beginning when she was 9 years old.  From the very beginning, she developed a great passion for cheerleading.  Throughout her years Helena has acquired and mastered both running and standing tumbling skills up to a double full and standing full,  perfected her jump technique, learned how to be an effective base as well as a flyer, and perfected her motion technique and sharpness in order to make herself the best overall cheerleader possible.  She cheered and competed with two teams. First Storm All Stars (now called Apex) and then Texas Lonestar Cheer Company where she would complete her senior year of all star cheerleading before graduating and attending the University of Houston.  Her passion for cheer lead to her career as a coach.   In doing this, she can pass on all the skills that made her such a great cheerleader to other young and eager athletes while also gaining new knowledge for herself in order to be the most effective coach possible.

Helena graduated with a major in Kinesiology from the University of Houston where she also cheered and was named captain for her 3rd year as a cheerleader.  After a great 3rd year, Helena was overjoyed to receive the MVP award as captain for all of her leadership contributions. Even after 19 years of such an amazing sport, Helena continues to do something she loves!

Fun fact: Her favorite type of music is classic rock.

Contact: (713) 545-2497


Geris McMurray, Senior Tumbling Coach

Geris McMurray has been cheering or coaching competitive and school for 27 years. I started at a gym called Northwest Allstars and went on to Texas Lonestar. Started cheering at U of H the year after Dana won, and my own title in 2003( Go Coogs!!). I coached at Texas Cheer, CheerNation and Prodigy Allstars from 2001-2018, and have been the tumbling director at Olympia Gymnastics for 2 1/2 years. I love the process of building confidence, physical health, and doing what I can to make people happy. I've coached thousands of athletes over the years and never get tired of helping athletes achieve their goals and hope to be able to help as many HEC athletes as I can.

Fun fact: Lives in NW Houston with my wife Jennifer, and our dog Major. I am currently back at U of H, and have had the pleasure of coaching Mitch, Helena, Lakeyn, and Kk.

Contact: (832) 704-2288


Lilli Davis, Tumbling/Cheer Coach

Meet Coach Lilli ! Lilli has had a passion for cheerleading since she was 10 years old. She started with competitive cheerleading and then decided to focus on game day cheerleading. Focusing more on this helped her to make the Memorial High School Varsity team for three years in a row. Her second year on the team she worked very hard to acquire the title of Junior Captain and this year she had moved on to Captain. Her hobbies include being at the gym and hanging out with friends. She loves to tumble and stunt and has a passion for teaching others her passion ! A fun fact about Lilli is she moved from Georgia to Texas her freshman year of high school and she is now a senior !

Fun fact: Lilli’s favorite color is blue and she loves shopping

Contact: (678) 848-1108


Makenzie Schellberg, Tumbling/Cheer Coach

Makenzie started doing gymnastics at the age of 3 at Westwood Gymnastics. She always watched the bigger girls at the tumbling classes there and wanted to try it so she started tumbling at Westwood Gymnastics at the age of 7. At the age of 11, she started going to Houston Elite Cheer. She fell in love with tumbling and kept pushing herself to do her best and get the skills she wanted. She is a cheerleader on the Varsity team at Memorial High School. Makenzie also spends many days at the gym doing privates and classes to perfect her skills. Makenzie likes to help young athletes accomplish skills that they have been working on and get them to the place they want to be at. Makenzie loves seeing all the young athletes in the gym loving the sport she loves so much. Having 6 siblings, Makenzie has learned to have patience and have a positive attitude to complete everything she does because she knows she needs to be a role model to everyone and especially kids. 

Fun Fact: Makenzie has 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 chickens, 4 peacocks, a lizard, and a fish and loves playing golf in her free time. 

Contact: (832) 918-7511


Emma Gunn, Tumbling/Cheer Coach

Meet Coach Emma! Emma is a hard working, dedicated athlete who has loved to flip and tumble her whole life. She reached some of the highest levels in competitive gymnastics, traveling all around the country participating in national competitions. She is now dedicated to cheerleading, tumbling, choreography and dance. Emma is a TAPPS all-state cheerleader and a three-year varsity letterman at Second Baptist School, and she is the 2020-2021 Second Baptist cheer team captain. She loves to share her passion for cheer, tumbling and dance and teaching, mentoring and coaching younger athletes. She knows how to lovingly inspire and encourage her students. In her free time, you can find Emma at the beach or hanging with her friends and family...or at the gym!

Fun fact: Emma is that she can write with her left and right hand!  Oh, and she can throw a baseball harder than most boys. 

Contact: (832) 803-8813


Kaylea Brocher, Tumbling/Cheer Coach

Kaylea is a senior at Memorial High School and has always loved cheer!  She first asked to join the sport at age 2 and was on her first team at age 3.   Now in her fifteenth year, she is a back-spot on a Woodland’s Elite world’s team.   Kaylea’s teams have won many competitions including NCA nationals titles.   Kaylea is known for being a tumbling perfectionist as she strives for great technique.   She has obtained tumbling skills up to a double twisting layout.  She enjoys helping younger athletes perfect their skills and watching them achieve new ones.  She likes many other sports including surfing, horseback riding, dance, scuba diving, and snow skiing.   Kaylea is inspired by her favorite quote: “Your talent determines what you can do.  Your motivation determines how much you’re willing to do.  Your attitude determines how well you do it.”   In Kaylea’s free time, you can find her at the gym or spending time with her friends.  

Fun fact: Kaylea has 4 nieces and 1 nephew.

Contact: (409) 392-0856


Kayla Ormstron, Tumbling/Cheer Coach

Kayla started tumbling at the age of 8. At first, it started on the play ground every recess, then at age 10, she started taking tumbling lessons at Biron’s gymnastics. She started coming to HEC in middle school with her friend where she joined the level 3/4/5 class. When high school started, she tried out for the Stratford cheer team where she made JV. Kayla enjoys cheering. tumbling, and stunting with her team at all of the football games. When she’s not at cheer you can find her traveling, shopping, or hanging out with friends and family. She enjoys working with kids and helping them improve on their skills.

Fun fact: Kayla’s favorite thing to do is visit New York City and hopes to move there after college.

Contact: 713-906-1206


Kylie Fountain, Cheer/Tumbling Coach

Kylie is a passionate and driven coach who has been in the cheer world since 2006. She started cheering competitively at the Academy of Gymnastics and Dance in her hometown, until she made the cheer team at Hudson Middle School. She continued to make her school cheer team every year from 7th grade to her senior year. She rejoined the competitive world in 2014 with Academy of Gymnastics and Dance, before moving to Cheer Extreme winning numerous NCA titles & bids with both gyms. After high school she made the 2017-2018 collegiate cheer team for the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor, before moving to Houston to finish college.

Fun fact: Kylie made it as a finalist in 2018 for the Houston Texans and loves to golf as much as she loves cheer.

Contact: (936) 238-9464


Lauren Reed, Tumbling/Cheer Coach

Lauren is a Junior at Stratford High School. She started gymnastics at the the age of 6. She gradually started to get into competitive gymnastics and has been doing it ever since. She started getting into cheer in middle school and tried out for cheer her sophomore year and made Junior Varsity. She also is involved in track and field at Stratford and enjoys spending time with her friends, traveling, and keeping busy.

Fun fact: Lauren has landed her standing full on the floor.

Contact: (832) 312-2132


Avery Alvarado, Cheer/Dance/Tumbling Coach

Avery started competitive dance at the age of 7 and is now in her 10th year as a competitive dancer. When she went into high school, she realized she wanted to try something new and aimed to make the Strake Jesuit Cheer Team. Avery started going to Houston Elite Cheer at age 15 and immediately fell in love with cheer. Avery is now on the JV team for Strake Jesuit and loves every minute of it, while still doing privates at the gym to better her skills. As a long time athlete, she understands the importance of a learning environment that pushes the athlete while not mistreating or intimidating the athlete. Avery loves teaching kids to have a positive attitude and a strong drive to better themselves inside and outside of the gym. She also understands that the skills children will learn at the gym will also help them flourish as a person for the rest of their life.

Fun fact: Avery is one of five kids and lived in Trinidad for the first two years of her life.

(832) 228-1620

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